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UnReQuited LoVe

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2nd January 2005

randal_mcmurphy11:06pm: i want to update this thing.. i really do.
I stopped updating this thing because I really dont think anyone cares. & I really could care less if people were interested in my writting or not but it's a community. & me, myself and I cant compose the entire community.
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28th March 2004

my_hiding_place1:28am: I put "unrequited love" in the interest search box.. and found this place =)

I thought there could be no harm in joining
i'm heterosexual, but an 100% for the acceptance of other lifestyles, if you want to call it that =P

i am very passionate about gay rights and stuff like that
to list the more major ones..
matthew sheppard and (forgets name) the guy who wanted to take another guy to prom
i get really riled up about this stuff
especially because the majority of my friends are against the whole homosexual scene.. grr

anyway.. plenty of unrequited love here.. just thought i'd make an introduction
I'm jenn
nice to meet anyone who reads this :)

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29th February 2004

randal_mcmurphy6:53pm: the doors of perception
If we are to have a Brave New World then the older generation will have the hardest time living in it. New Freedom is a gay community where everyone can speak their mind on gay rights or discuss the persecution that they have endured in their lifetime. Coming out and the problems associated with it is fair game for discussion. Anything and everything gay in new_freedom is par for the course.
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22nd February 2004

randal_mcmurphy5:50pm: upward and onward
Like a rising star appearing before your wandering eyes, we will perform miracles. In a world of skepticism and desperation, give us your faith.

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21st February 2004

randal_mcmurphy6:55pm: it's in the cards
Those who think they are still are a power are out. The genious of the psychiatrist and his determination not to shun even a war has again won victory without the use of force. The hope remains that the incredulous, the weak and the doubtful people have been converted, and will remain that way.
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19th February 2004

randal_mcmurphy9:55pm: we light the torches
We are all apart of a thread that bonds the human race together. Up until today, that thread was being pushed beyond its capacity. Now, it is being mended. Welcome to New Freedom, mankinds liberation.
Current Mood: determined

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